About Matt Acton

I am a Chartered Structural Engineer in the Aerospace Industry, having worked on some amazing projects, including the F-35 Lightning II and the Airbus A350.  It is such a buzz to see your hard-work take off at the bottom of the runway and soar across the sky (albeit on video at the moment, as neither has flown in the UK as yet).

I have static and dynamics experience at an approval level across metallic and composite structures on both civil and military platforms, from design through to certification.

I’m an accomplished Engineering Team Lead, having developed and led internal teams and integrated external work packages, ensuring both schedule and quality are met and balanced.   Keen interest and proven at developing and incorporating improvements to analysis toolsets and Company processes.  Building teams is something I am passionate about.  Everybody has a strength and the key is tapping into that strength to make the team work well.  The sum of the parts is always less than the result of a well managed team!

Outside work, I get to flex my creative muscles in different ways; music and photography.  Leading such a busy work life, these hobbies force me to slow down and observe the world around me in order to express myself.

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